Install Android 4.3 Jelly Bean On AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317 CM10.2 Nightly Rom

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is the next and latest Android OS version.Google has roolled 4.3 for the Nexus devices and the Play Store version of phones.Now, you can also get started with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean via CyanogenMod Rom update based on the latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean on AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317.This is CM10.2 Nightly Rom which is in development stage and might have some bugs.You can easily install this rom on your phone and get started with Jelly bean 4.3 custom update on your AT&T Galaxy Note 2 SGH-i317.The installation can be done via help of our guide below.Do follow each and every step carefully.


Download USB Drivers

First of all you need to connect your phone to your computer, for this you need to have the correct USB drivers installed, if you don’t have the USB drivers download from here -

Download USB Drivers for Android devices

Backup Tutorials

Secondly, before moving forward you need to backup all your important stuffs on your phone so that you don’t loose important digital data of your device in case you damage or brick your phone.This is a very important thing, dont skip to backup.

Backup your SMS/MMS messages - How to backup and Restore SMS & MMS on Android devices

Backup your Call logs - How to backup and Restore Call Logs on Android devices

Backup your WhatsApp chats - How to Backup Chat Messages in WhatsApp Manually

If you have a custom recovery like ClockworkMod, TWRP etc. installed on your device then create a backup via recovery.

Some important tips that you should remember before moving forward with this tutorial

Make sure USB debugging feature is enabled on your device - How to Enable Developer Options And USB Debugging in Android Phones

Make sure your device is charged up to 80% before starting any stuff with, so that your phone as sufficient battery till the process of custom rom flashing or official firmware upgrade is being performed.In case of less battery your phone can get switched off in between and you might brick your phone.Check your phone battery status - How to Check Battery Percentage in Android Phones

Disclaimer -All the custom ROMs and official firmwares and mods or anything mentioned in our tutorial belongs to their respective owners or developers.AndroidRebel or the developers should not be held responsible for any type of damage.We don’t give insurance of any type for damage or brick.Keep this in your mind before moving forward to this tutorial, we are not in any way forcing you try this tutorial.

If you are done with all the backup and tips mentioned above now let’s move to the next important part of our tutorial on the next page.

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